SEO Techniques for Beginners

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the technique of increasing the web site’s exposure to different search engines. The goal of the search engine optimizer is to get top rankings on the search engine result page for search queries. Most of the internet users used to click on the first few results of a search, especially if their search needs were met with an exact find (maximum up to 3rd page of search engine result page). SEO techniques also help to bring new visitors to sites through referrals from many other sites and directories.

How it works!
Search engines use what is called a spider to reach out into the Internet to find new and updated websites. As a page is published, the spider stumbles upon the page depending on what words, images, video or other content is on the page. The spiders don’t actually recognize the images or the videos; they recognize the words in the description of the image or video. When someone does a search that includes these words, the search engine pulls that up in its results. These words are called keywords. The more often these keywords are used in a webpage the better chance the search engine will see it and put it up on the results. The more keywords, including combinations of keywords, the higher the page will show up in the search engine ranking.

The spider also used to refer to the Title and the Meta tags on the page, Heading, content and links to the site from other websites. But you have to make sure that you stock each of these areas well with your primary keywords (for which you are optimizing your site) but don’t overdo it because the spiders do seem to have a temper and pages do get banned. A 2% to 7% density of keywords is the preferred standard. Also it depends upon the page. If it sounds good and relevant to your page content, then there is no problem even if the percentage increases to 12.

This is why the webpage code is so important. Many people spend a lot of time making their web pages look visually appealing to people, but they don’t think about the spiders in the search engines. Spend more time on your web site’s code for search engine optimization and you will find yourself getting high rankings. I am not saying to create a page for any spider (or software), the page should be for the human visitors but should be well optimized from search engine’s point of view.

SEO techniques for top ranking
Title: This is the name that you can see at the top of the window of your web browser (Blue Bar), also called the Title Bar. Make sure that your title is short and descriptive. It also needs to contain the targeted keywords that are relevant to your site. The search engines also use to show this title in the search engine results. Hence, it should clearly describe your sites content so that the users will be interested in coming to your site.

Keywords: Keywords are an important part of SEO techniques. Unfortunately many webmasters overdo it. Keywords are one of the most important factors in ranking high on search engines. You will find many tips on adding keywords, such as ALT tags, anchors and other areas. While these are meant to be used if you want to help boost your keywords, they should be relevant to the image or the place where you are linking. Many people try to stuff keywords into every possible place. As a general rule, I would say you can optimize one page with 3 keywords or phrases. I would recommend starting with one or two. But never overuse the keywords. Again, it is wise to put other relative key words (secondary & tertiary) that are similar but not quite the same as your main key words. The main benefit of using such keywords for bringing new visitors to your site through long tail key phrases. By having a wide variety and volume of key words in your webpage you may very well be the only result when someone uses one of those combinations of keywords in their search. This technique is very successful but many people do not use it. When trying to get new visitors to your site you will want to use as many strategies as possible. Using alternative keywords is a strategy that you should use for every page just like you use main keywords.

Meta tags: There are two parts to the Meta-tag:
1. Description
2. Keywords

The description should be short, but it should sound logical and descriptive to the reader. Many times this will be the text that is seen under your title during the search. You will want to give the reader a small overview of the page. Write something that will make them understand what the page is all about and force them want to click on your site.

The keywords will be the same keywords that you have thought of while running your SEO research. These are the same key words that are also in the text of your page.

Links: When other sites on the web link to your site, the search engine spider finds these links and counts it as a vote of support. The more quality pages that link to your page, higher ranking in the search engine. A great way to get one way links is directory submission. Also if you have unique and informative content on your page, then other sites will be interested in linking to your site and refer their visitors to your site.

Many websites don’t get visitors because of low search engine rankings. Use the above discussed SEO techniques to maximize your search engine rankings and achieve your objective with good number of visitors through organic results.
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