SEO Techniques: The User-Centered Approach

There are numerous SEO techniques that are used  but there are 5 easy steps that businesses can follow to ensure their website is ready for Google.

The first step is content, which is key to any search marketing strategy. Ensure the content you have on your site is worth reading, because if there isn’t, there is no reason for anyone to visit the site.

The more up to date content on your site is, the more reason some visitors will have for coming back. If they think your website is the best place for the latest industry or product related news then they will come to you first, which begins to build a relationship with your customers.

Think about incoming links, the more links you have the more likely it is that your website will be crawled. The most important thing to remember links to content, it is essential you have content worth linking to on your site. A website title is just as important as links, as the keywords included in your title will determine whether or not the topic is understood by Google.

It is worth remembering that people don’t always click on the first result they see, using interesting titles and topics can help bring you more traffic that a number one listing.

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Make sure your internal links help visitors find the content they are looking for on your site. Use relevant copy on all of the website pages, as it will effectively tell visitors what to expect on a corresponding page. Don’t forget to add a no-follow tag on the pages that you don’t want to rank in Google. Ensure the ranking flow of your site corresponds with the topic and interests on your site.

Lastly, a few words about keyword density. Don’t go overboard and make every 5th word a keyword. Remember, these are people who are going to read your content in the first place and decide whether it is worth linking and sharing: make your pages appealing to people and search engines will follow!

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