SEO is Undead 1 (Links and Keyword Proximity)

“SEO is Dead,” is something that you may have seen grace the headlines of a blog post or news article in the past few years.

Some have pronounced SEO as being dethroned by Social Media Optimization (or Social Media Marketing). Or that Personalized Search, or Google Instant, or Universal Search, or Google Caffeine, or some other search update has changed around search so much that SEO no longer has value.

SEO is Undead

I responded to one of those “SEO is undead” posts earlier this year with a post about Good SEO. The author I was responding to questioned whether creating great content, using standards-based HTML, and sharing that content with friends should sufficient for your site to rank well in Search Engines without SEO.

SEO isn’t dead, but it is constantly evolving as are searchers and search engines and the Web itself.

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