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As search engine algorithms improve, and as competition increases, the pressure on SEO is to think of newer and better strategies to generate traffic to a site increases. While “more traditional” search optimization methods such as link building through article submissions are still very useful, it is important to find more ways to generate traffic and utilize the new methods and strategies more effectively.

One of the things that SEOs tend to overlook are user generated content or UGCs. User generated content can actually be used to help you optimize your pages, especially if you have an affiliate site or a product site. User generated content is also very good for any content thin site.

Most of the time the comment or review section of a website is left as is. Comment moderation might be done, but usually for the purpose of weeding out spam. What many SEOs are missing if the comments and reviews are left as is, is the chance to use unique and fresh content that is relevant to some of the other pages in the site. What you can do is pick several of the most substantial comments and reviews about a product or service, collate them, and add them to a content thin page that has a topic connected to the review or comment. Choose reviews and comments that use specific keywords and phrases you are targeting. This helps you not only generate content for pages where you need it the most, but also gives an opportunity to link those pages to the product pages where the original review or comment was posted.

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