SEO via InfoGraphics: A look at Same!

Well, others, many others have already noticed this but it’s come to our attention in the past few months that the newest, ‘bestest’ backlink bait around, is the infographic! Let me explain, as we love same and often feature them here on our own blog and I thought you might all like some ‘background’ on same, eh!

First, what is an infographic? It’s a large, graphically designed illustration that represents information, data or knowledge in a quick and clear manner (wikipedia definition).

They are surely a great method, we’ve found, to learn quickly via the illustration just what should be learned as designed by the artist who created same and for the most part, I do truly enjoy looking at same every day. In fact, a large part of every early morning is my going thru my almost 150 blog/site listings to read what’s new at the leading edge of SEO, SEM, online marketing etc. etc. And many of those sites deal with Info graphics!

Course a quick google will show you like millions of sites…and while I’ve clicked thru pages of same the 5 or 6 above do have pretty good ones…

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But the point of this article is not on where to find great infographics, but that as I’ve noted and others too, that the use of same has now become great backlink bait…ie linking to same by putting one on our blog site, will provide some SEO ranking boost for the site where the infographic is from….hence, the value to that designer in both creating same and offering up same to the SEO/SEM world as backlink bait. And, it works! Our own serps and one of our friends (not listed here of course) analytics show that the creation of a new infographic on a hot, topical item can both go ‘viral’ as well as provide some dang pretty quick acceleration up the serp rankings and in fact get that designer site up top for the backlink anchor text link terms quickly….realtime shows that it can happen in less than a day!

Now there’s a ‘viral’  SEO tactic that is wonderful and proved to work!

However….is that all there is to this? …sigh…not by a long shot, eh! More and more of us SEO types have notice this, commented on same and have found that while it does often aid our readers to point out such great topical infographics to them….we also realize that this is a ‘viral’ SEO tactic at the same time…and the answer for many many of us, is to use a NOFOLLOW to point back to the designer of same. While the list of us who’ve both noticed and commented can of course be found on google…

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