The Power of Video Marketing on the Internet

Video Marketing In an Age of Online Results

Online video marketing is a dynamic and highly effective method to promote different products or services among your customers. It plays a crucial role in educating and creating interest among them so that they can promote their businesses. As the internet plays a vital role in globalization and a major fraction of the world’s population has access to the Internet, it is the best place to advertise your products and services.

The main reason for the incredible popularity of video marketing is its effectiveness, and its power of persuasion. It also allows the manifestation of the features and benefits of the product in the best possible manner and shortest time. Here are some strategies that will help to get you on to websites such as You Tube, Google Video, Meta Café and a host of other video sharing websites that have appeared on the horizon recently.

Types of Video Marketing

Video marketing is the latest trend these days on the internet. It helps to draw customers who bring business to their websites. Today, people sight videos extensively on the internet which adds to its popularity. There are several websites that facilitate us to view such videos as well as to post any video, that to free of cost. Free posting of videos minimizes the cost of advertisements.

Posting a video to a website and making it appear as soon as a site visitor opens the web page assures that the video advertisement is watched every time the website is accessed.

Advertising through popular videos is similar to that of the concept of TV commercials. For example, to watch a particular program on television, the viewer has to watch the colorful ads. Similarly to view popular video or lets say, breaking news on the Internet, the user must view the advertisement video first before watching the original one. Sometimes a video clipping is appended to the original video so that it is played as long as the original video is watched. This introductory video clip with a short advertising message should not last more than 30 seconds.

Viral video marketing is the new and latest strategy for mass online advertising. The specialty of this strategy is that sometimes it becomes difficult to know that you are watching an advertisement. It is generally posted on the popular websites and is send to as many people as possible. Viewers should watch the video and should be inspired to forward it to others.

The Effectiveness of Video Marketing

According to Nielsen/net ratings, more than two-third of computer users have access to broad band services in the US. The figure continues to rise proportionately around the world including Dubai and the UAE

The cost of video production has come within the reach of most businesses. Video footage of two or three minutes can be produced at a very low cost. There are several online companies that provide this facility for a reasonable price. For a 30-second video, the charges are nearly $300 to $500. This is the minimum cost for a small and simple video but for making your video more effective the sky is the limit.

Considering the present scenario, video marketing will increase to $ 5 billion or 35% of the current local video ads budget in 2012.

Immense Benefits of Video Marketing

The internet is undoubtedly one of the major reasons for globalization and video marketing is the most effective and dynamic way to communicate with the people. Thus, video marketing helps to bring more and more business to your website.

Small businesses can also gain advantage of video marketing because of its low cost.

Pay-per click-per video ads also help the websites to earn revenues.

Before you post a video to any website, check on key word optimization. Check that your video is indexed by the search engines. Although video marketing has become popular, it has to go a long way. Since this technology is quite cutting-edge, many owners of small businesses are not familiar with the methods used to promote their businesses through video marketing. Following the various strategies we have outlined above can help us to spread the word about our businesses on the Internet.

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