The Video Marketing Revolution After YouTube

Right now, we are poised at the start of a new revolution in Internet marketing. Just look at the controversy and strife that online television has caused for Hollywood. Their writers have gone on strike over residuals from shows that are aired on the Internet. For them, this is a multi-million (if not billion) dollar issue! If Hollywood is this fixated on the power of the Internet, there must be something very useful (profitable) to it. So, to keep your company viable in the future, you need to embrace the technology of tomorrow, today.

Through the use of video marketing, you have the potential to significantly increase the hits to your website, visits to it, and (of course) sales for your company. And, don’t be concerned that online video is merely a fad like Betamax or video disks were. Today, more and more cities are wiring their downtown areas with Wi-Fi. As computer speed and power goes up, it will only become easier for people to view videos on their computers.

Want further proof? Perhaps you’ve heard of Netflix, they sure run enough ads these days. Their big marketing point is that they send movies right to your house. Well, now, in some cases, you don’t even have to send off for one of their movies, you can just watch it on your home computer! Think of that, sitting at home, watching an entire movie, and never even having to bother to get it in the mail.

If one Internet firm can send movies, you can certainly make use of some short videos to help market your website. And, when you consider how busy people’s lives are these days, watching a video is far easier and faster than sitting down and trying to read even a short report.

Yet, video marketing does not mean you just shoot a commercial about your product and that’s that. That’s not going to cut it with today’s Internet Generation. Consider which videos are the ones that get the most hits on places like YouTube and MySpace. They don’t even have to be the best singers or performers; it’s the ones that catch the eye, that entertain. If something is unique and unusual and makes people smile, they are going to stop and have a look.

For your video to be a success, it must be viral. Now, that word has a certain connotation; a virus is something we all fear getting, and not just in our bodies. No, these days that can mean anything from spyware to adware to a destructive program that ends up crashing your entire computer.

No, you don’t want to create that; you want your video to be viral, to spread across the Internet because people view it, enjoy it, and pass it along. In so doing, they will get the word out on your company, and what you have to offer. Try making a video that is funny or controversial, or is highly appealing. That can be the thing that catches people’s eye and gets them to watch.

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