TopRank BIGLIST Search Marketing Blogs

Welcome to the BIGLIST of SEM and SEO blogs!

Below is a collection of over 400 blogs maintained by the staff at TopRank Online Marketing. This edited list includes blogs that cover a range of internet marketing topics ranging from SEO (search engine optimization) and PPC (pay per click) to blog marketing, marketing with social media and online public relations.

Watch this list each week as we’ll be updating it periodically. If you’re listed, you can add a Big List badge to your site.

How do you get on the list?

It wouldn’t hurt to link to the list first. Otherwise, we find most of the new blogs when reading blogrolls of other BIGLIST inductees or SEM social news sites. Rarely do we add a blog based on a direct request. Two fundamental requirements: Your blog must cover search marketing and it must post weekly at a bare minimum. Other considerations include, blog design, usability, writing style and quality.

How do you get off the list?

No one has ever asked how to get off this list, in fact, many have gone out of their way to get ON the list. However, we do drop anywhere from 70-100 blogs off the list due to a variety of reasons ranging from infrequent blog postings, off topic postings, site not longer working or on occasion, sites that get bought and turned into splogs.

Making Changes

Our goal is to provide a useful and accurate list of actively SEO. Managing such a large list over time means we may not catch every change. Common changes include moving from a third party hosting service to a domain name or sub-domain address, writer changes and topics covered. If you have changes that need to be made in your BIGLIST entry, then contact TopRank using the web form.

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