Traffic Secrets For Newbies – Go Viral and Explode Your Web Traffic!

If you are looking for a powerful method to easily build unlimited free web traffic, take a closer look at viral marketing. By definition, online viral marketing is any marketing technique that induces Web sites or users to pass on a marketing message to other sites or users, creating a potentially exponential growth in the message’s visibility and effect. Like real viruses, these strategies take advantage of rapid multiplication to explode and spread the message all over the Internet.

Is it a new idea? No. Viral marketing, by spreading the word through word-of mouth was the world’s first form of marketing. But the Internet, using existing social networks has taken this form of marketing to new heights by making communications better, thus making word-of-mouth more effective. While spreading your viral agent, viral marketing helps promote your business and massively increase web traffic and profit. Â

The first step in creating a viral marketing campaign is to find the most appropriate carrier or agent for your viral message. What can you use as a viral product? There are many examples such as:
-ebooks or reports
-email newsletters
-giveaway sites
-affiliate programs, and many, many more.

Then you have to add the virus to your product. That virus is the link to your website. The massive spread of your link will generate the huge amount of free and targeted web traffic you aim at. The key to have a successful viral campaign is to provide an incentive to your customers. That incentive is represented by the word free. You must giveaway for free your viral product or service. Thus you will attract more users and will encourage them to promote your product.

Finally you will have your own advertising network that will bring you thousands of visitors for free. All you need is some patience. Viral marketing takes time. Your viral message needs some time to propagate, but when it reaches a certain visibility and scale, it will dramatically increase your web traffic and your profit.

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