Ultimate Web Traffic Tips – The Step-By-Step strategy to Flood 10,000 Visitors Every Month To Your Site

Do you want to know the ‘secret’ to boosting your web traffic stream on a monthly or even daily basis? It is of course list building. This is a brilliant method to boost your web traffic statistics for your website each and every month. Plus not only will you acquire ‘regular’ web traffic, you will also acquire the web traffic which comes with mailings made to your list.

Looking at the visitors which visit my sites each month, 70% of them are fresh, brand new, prospects. The remaining 30% will come from my list traffic. So if I didn’t have a list that 30% simply wouldn’t exist. I would be 30% worse off in the web traffic I receive, this means a reduced amount of sales.

Below are 3 steps you can use to build a list and influence it for far more web traffic:

Step 1 – Submit High Class Articles

Article marketing is still the best way to create a receptive list. Make use of articles to create a list which you could channel web traffic from at anytime. There are lots of places online for you to distribute your articles for the greatest traffic: Article directories, your own blog, your own website, ezines, and forums related to your niche subject matter. Begin distributing your articles to attract the most qualified web traffic on the Internet to your website.

Step 2 – Send Traffic Direct To a Squeeze Page

Send your article marketing web traffic direct to a squeeze page to build your mailing list. A squeeze page is head and shoulders above every other method to build your list. It is a driven web page where the potential customer either: Opts-in to your mailing list or leaves your site. This means you can build the largest list achievable from the web traffic you acquire.

Step 3 – Send out Promo and Education Emails To Your List

Send out constant emails to your mailing list marketing appropriate products either your own products or as an affiliate. Don’t forget to send them complimentary gifts from time to time otherwise your potential customers will very soon grow disheartened and bored with the constant sales pitch type emails you send them. You’ve got to build a connection with your subscribers so they trust you and feel as thou they know you personally.

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