Understanding Viral Video Marketing

A great way to spread the buzz on any topic quickly and effectively is by using video marketing. You can really catch the viewer’s attention in a major way by using videos shared through online sites such as Youtube; the marketing advantages of posting videos on distribution sites are enormous. Video marketing works so well because it basically helps invoke interest in the product and keeps the viewer fixed. With video advertising, unlike other types of advertising, a viewer is engaged with seeing and hearing about your product and it allows them to be much more involved. In this article we will look into two video marketing tips and how to use them more effectively:

Create Short, Powerful Videos

The way people watch television is different from the way they watch internet videos, in that on the web, they change much more quickly from one video to the next than they do when watching TV. A video that’s too lengthy runs the risk of boring the viewer, losing his or her attention. Remember, your intention with video marketing is to get traffic, not entertain. If you have identified your target market and you have an outline for the structure of your video, you need to decide the run time. Don’t go over 2 minutes if you just want to put some information on your video. A video advertisement for your product, however, is a different story, and should be even shorter, topping out at one minute. The first ten seconds of your video is critical. You want to be sure your site visitor is hooked within those crucial first seconds. Don’t wait too long to talk about the main points. Basically, you want to focus on brevity and clarity. You don’t have to be a technician to create good content for your videos; it’s fine to write it out as a script and let a pro take care of the editing.

You’re taking your sales copy and enhancing it with video.

The most important thing to focus on is good quality when you begin your efforts at video marketing. A successful video is one that looks and sounds like a professional campaign. Too many people have tried to create their own videos and have ended up with some really bad results. Although it may appear to be a useful idea for some, this strategy is not practical for most individuals, as videos must appear truly professional to be effective. Outsourcing this task to a person who understands how to develop and edit a video is always a good option. You might also consider asking a friend with editing experience to lend you a hand. Hiring a professional video editor to build your video marketing campaign will give you the edge over your rivals and bring in more business.

Video marketing can produce enormous returns if you use it right. The biggest reason people hesitate to use video marketing is because they are intimidated by video production which really isn’t as difficult as it seems. There’s a lot of potential in this new form of marketing because the Internet is growing at a break-neck speed and the online media is progressing fast. A greater number of videos are being posted every day, meaning that they’ll provide a bigger percentage of the marketing efforts that take place online.

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