Using Video Submission For Your Video Marketing

What are the ways in which you generate traffic to your website? If you submit a written document articles, how often do you do this? With the emphasis on linking back and building new content, most article submission sites are facing a delusion of new article submissions. This means that your articles and press releases typically are not seen as much after about a day or two. An alternative to article marketing is video marketing. This is one the biggest trends in online marketing and everyone has seen this with the explosion of YouTube.

As everyone has noticed with the popularity of websites such as YouTube, any good website designer or Web host probably should include video marketing within their arsenal of traffic creation methods. You must simply create a video about your website, product or service and then work to optimize the video and submit it to all major web video sites. After that, the video can be posted to relevant blogs and forums on the Internet with links back to the video. People often will click on a link for a video to watch. This happens because most people regard watching video as a higher opinion than reading an article because video often tends to be more interesting. Think about in your own life: how many people read more books than watch more TV? Video trumps articles many times.

When you think through your video creation, this can be a do-it-yourself project or you can have it professionally done. You simply need only a video camera and software. A good standard for an online video is about one minute long. People often will not watch more than that if you have an advertisement and you can work on keeping your viewers interest piqued. This can help in driving traffic to your website because your viewers want to see if there are more videos and you can leave your audience wanting more.

As with the previous paragraph, you can have video submissions as a do-it-yourself project or have it done professionally by a video submission service. It can be good to use a video submission service because you do not have to worry about hunting for video submission sites. These websites can also help categorize and optimize your video with the right tags. With the amount of videos online today, it is important to have the right tags so that your video is seen. That is why a video submission site can help you so that your video is truly optimized and can receive the attention it deserves.

Using the right video submission service can allow you to focus on other parts of your business while knowing that your video submissions continue to build your traffic. A company doing this service should create the video, optimize it, categorize it, submit it and then focus on the blogging and posting in building the back links you want. It is essential to check the credentials of the company doing the video submission service because missing a single step could have a detrimental effect on the amount of traffic you receive.

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