The Value of Not Having to Explain

The point: You can be successful by only doing things that are measurable, but, there may be a huge opportunity in unmeasurable media. This is where the risk-takers go.

Here’s an example. I talked with one of our clients this week about the impact of their content marketing program. Basically I asked the question “what is it doing for you?”

Here was the response:

We measure traffic, conversions to contact us, signups to the enewsletter…those things are all doing well and would justify the program. BUT, the biggest impact is this – I don’t have to explain what we do anymore. I don’t have to spend multiple conversations positioning our value. In most cases, they’ve already engaged in our content online, which tells them the best story about how we can help them. It’s hard to measure that, but it’s been simply amazing. I can’t tell you that the ultimate lead or business is only because of the content, but I’m not sure it could have been possible without the content either.

What is the value of not having to explain what you do or what you stand for? And even beyond that, what is the value of connecting with someone that likes the content you are creating so much that they don’t know what you do and want to figure out ways to work with you anyway.

Measurable?…maybe, maybe not depending on how you look at it. ¬†Opportunity? Yes.

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