Video Marketing an Effective Tool for Business Promotion

Marketing is not at all a bookish topic. Though it will definitely mean finding and converting the prospective into regular customers, but the way to do is widely different from product to product and from person to person. It is an established fact that no two individuals are same, implies that no two individuals would like the same type of marketing strategy. What works for one, may not work for the other!

Many segments of the potential customers are interested in knowing the products in a video format. This sort of demand has arisen from past many years and thus came into existence, Video Marketing, i.e. using video to market the products and services.  Video Marketing is such a marketing tool that has information about any specific product or service on the move. Today in the fast moving world, stable advertising/marketing copy remains dull and is ineffective in stimulating the needs of the prospective. But with the advent of video marketing and within their intelligent tactics, the business/marketing individual can effectively get his/her work done. There are a number of videos that has done wonders for their product or services. There have been various incidents where the products and services have been in talking due to its videos.

Here it is very essential to clear the distinction between the television advertisement and video marketing. The television advertisement is made for the TV audience and the video marketing is prepared for the internet audience. A company’s plans and policies, budget allocations, etc. will be very different for TV and internet and so a strong concise regarding its difference has to be made. As these days the TV ads are soon on the internet, it may be confusing in-between TV ads and video marketing and thus a clarification has to be made.

After knowing the concept, as of this point, we should now know about few of its advantages:

The cost of video marketing is of one time and thus its benefits can be reaped for as much times as the need be.

The cost of digital camcorders has lessened to a huge extent that, owning one of them may even be possible.

Video distribution via free and huge sites like YouTube, Google videos, yahoo videos, etc has been like a boon.

These sites generate huge and much needed traffic and may also cater their marketing to non-prospective customers too.

Video production and video editing has been very easy since software for these are freely available and very user friendly.

There are numerous researches being conducted which prove that millions of people spend some hours a day on YouTube and such video portals. So even if we don’t completely believe, it still has a potential to prove itself right.

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