Video Marketing Intensive Offers A Comprehensive Video Approach To Driving Traffic To Your Website

A full step by step Video Marketing Plan. Mukul Verma has spent countless hours and has made many mistakes on his path towards learning about the effectiveness of video marketing. He has taken this internet marketing information a put it into a comprehensive online course, the Video Marketing Intensive.

Toronto, ON (PRWEB) July 29, 2010 — Driving traffic is a mission critical task often over missed, due to the myth that having the most sophisticated website in the world is enough, but if a website is not receiving traffic, business is going to a company’s competitors. Video Marketing Intensive helps remedy that by showing how to direct traffic to a business’s site using video marketing, thereby increasing a companies bottom line using this one internet marketing method.

Video marketing expert Mukul Verma has developed a set of 32 coaching videos that will teach how to create successful videos for website that generates results. The course will even teach a company how to make money by letting others “steal” a companies videos and working hard marketing the the original video producers company.

“When I first started out, I couldn’t find any information on video marketing that would help me increase my web traffic,” said Verma. “I had to learn on my own, making mistakes, wasting time and losing money.”

Verma learned from his early attempts and failures and created a step by step complete system on how to gets millions of views on his online videos. He decided to help other companies avoid the mistakes he made when first starting out using video in his companies internet marketing plan. The result is Video Marketing Intensive, a six-step formula that can help drive hundreds of visitors to a website every single day.

Internet marketers are churning out literally thousands of articles each day that are boring and ineffectual. They’re saturating the market with poorly written pieces that are nothing more than glorified spam that’s duplicated, rewritten and passed off as new information. Internet marketing was yesterday, video marketing is today way to build trust with potential customers

Studies have shown that videos receive more attention than fancy artwork and even photographs. Video Marketing Intensive offers the tools to overcome those poorly written articles and direct thousands of targeted visitors to a website with creative videos.

The training course provides business’s with everything they need to write killer content for their video site utilizing optimization techniques and keywords. It also demonstrates how to take a single video and transform them into multiple videos using a unique video internet marketing strategy. Perhaps more importantly, the training course will show a company how to capitalize on social media sites such as YouTube.

The video training course teaches the client the complete process of video marketing. Starting with the basics of video marketing and demonstrates how to create a videos quickly and easily. In addition, the course shows how to write effective content for a videos that drives visitors to a website. Explaining techniques for mass distribution and tracking the success of ones marketing efforts. This is a complete start to end course for video marketing.

Verma knows firsthand the difficulty involved in producing videos that generate results. His course shows how to drive targeted visitors to a website that will introduce a business, product or service using videos.

To ensure success, Verma includes some impressive bonus materials in the Video Marketing Intensive program. The bonus module demonstrates advanced techniques most people overlook. The business includes a list of over 250 sites that can help drive traffic to any site. Included are additional tools and needed software for placing videos on a site.

Verma is so confident that Video Marketing Intensive will work for to market a company, he offers a 60-day, 100 percent money back guarantee. No prior experience or be a technological whiz to put the Video Marketing Intensive techniques into practice for internet marketing. Video marketing is a key component in any internet marketing campaign and Video Marketing Intensive will show how to take advantage of methods successful Internet marketers use every day to drive traffic and make money.

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