What is a Local SEO Company?

When most people think of hiring a Local SEO Company, they associate it with companies and websites who have nationwide or even worldwide appeal. Local SEO companies like HeyGoTo.com use strategies to get your business and/or your website in front of the people physically located in your area that will actually come into your business and call you. This is why Local SEO is so powerful for local businesses.

In the past, it’s been extremely difficult to near impossible to target potential customers within a mile radius of doing business with you. 80% of the average new client will not drive more than 5 miles to do business with you for the first time! Here, is another outstanding fact provided by eMarketer that I think you should be aware of. Over 90% of people search online for nearby businesses. This is why Local SEO marketing is now a critical effort that businesses must start doing. When done with the right marketing company, the results can be a game changer. It’s more affordable and effective than it ever has been!

Why Hire a Local SEO Company?

Possibly the better question for you is, why haven’t you found the right Local SEO company to work with? Are you currently not satisfied with the amount of business you have? Would you like to find a reliable way of extending your reach within your own community? If the answer is a resounding YES, then you should look to work with a company that has a proven track record and provides guaranteed results like HeyGoTo.com!

Local SEO Marketing works; Period! Maybe it’s time to open your mind to something you’re not familiar with or maybe you want to revisit the idea of actually taking your thoughts to the next level and apply it. The truth be told, a local SEO marketing may be a part of the strongest, and the cost-effective way to reach potential customers that happen to be searching for a business like yours! If you don’t do this, your competitors will, as they also are searching to get the same customers you have. You need to provide your business a competitive edge before it’s too late and you’re so far behind that you’re out of options.

Affordable SEO Packages

Finding the right Local SEO package is easier than you think. Marketing companies like HeyGoTo offer custom tailored packages to meet your budget. The beautiful thing about finding the right Local SEO Company is the opportunity to allow you to make adjustments to the costs you’re spending to the strategies and efforts they are putting forward for your business. The first critical step is finding the right Local SEO Company to work with. A local SEO Company that is flexible to your needs but is also driven for your results. Never search for the right company based on their cost alone. That can turn into an unfortunate situation quickly. Base it instead on what you will actually receive from what you’re paying for. This will allow you to maximize your budget into a successful marketing effort!

Here, is what it does: A local SEO Company like HeyGoTo has created a particularly unique way to get started with less than $500.00 down! On top of that HeyGoTo.com is the only company out there willing to put their money where their mouth is. You don’t start paying any monthly costs until you have seen their efforts taking shape. Not just where some Local SEO company’s say they are doing things or where you get your businesses website listed on some page somewhere on some search engine. HeyGoTo is the ONLY Local SEO Company that offers your business Guaranteed Results! You do NOT begin to pay your monthly billing until you’re found on the 1st page of Google organically! HeyGoTo is not giving you the same song and dance that we guarantee a first page results, we can get you further than that. We are saying you don’t have to pay until it happens NO matter how long it takes.

This is unheard of in the industry. This saves businesses ton of time, energy, grief, worry and best of all money! Also, No long contracts. I know if I was contemplating to get started with Local SEO marketing and I didn’t know which way to start, I would be seeking for a company that offers what HeyGoTo has. Even if it’s not HeyGoTo that you choose for your business it certainly should be a Local SEO company with all the same values, beliefs and options as they do.


Local SEO marketing is a highly effective and affordable way to start building up your business. Now is the time to visit HeyGoTo Marketing Company, so you can start seeing the rewards of this proven marketing strategy for yourself.

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