What is Viral Video Marketing?

What exactly is viral video marketing?

Viral video marketing is the process of creating, developing, and seeding a video for use on social networking sites, blogs and video share sites. They engage consumers while encouraging them to share and pass the video along to their network of friends, family and colleagues. This can build brand awareness, increase web traffic, brand interaction and ultimately sales.

Viral Video Marketing Today

With today’s marketing budgets crumbling, companies are looking for the most cost effective ways to spread their message. This trend has caused a drastic increase in the use of viral video marketing and other social media marketing, luring in both large and small companies with hopes of greater ROI. Even marketing giants like Coca Cola have begun utilizing viral marketing as is evident by their new video “The Happiness Machine.” This type of marketing allows companies to pull in consumers by engaging their interests, while simultaneously sharing a brands message.

Evolving Your Marketing Message

With increases in the number of bloggers and social networking sites, more and more consumers are able to express and share their opinions on just about anything. This can range from discussing the latest new video, to reviewing a recently purchased product. These types of sites also allow each consumer to reach a large group of friends, family and colleagues very quickly. By talking about a brands’ viral videos, they are spreading the brands’ messages across their entire network. In taking advantage of this, a company can expand their brand and its message while keeping costs at a minimum.  Viral video marketing feeds off of this in an attempt to reach as many viewers as possible.

Benefits of Viral Video Marketing

One of the great things about using a viral video to spread your message is the many benefits it provides. Using internet video will allow you to maintain lower distribution costs, let you reach a vast majority of all consumers and has no set duration. It also sets up free word of mouth advertising, which can help generate a buzz around the company and its brand. Finally, it allows your company to become part of large online communities and develop an internet presence. How a company employs the use of viral video marketing will decide how big the benefits will be.

What Makes Viral Video Marketing Stand Apart?

Viral video marketing is one of the best ways to get your brands’ message across without being intrusive. By forcing consumers to interact, like with pre-rolls and overlays, advertisements can come off as being force fed. By using viral video marketing as an alternative, consumers are driven to your viral video by peers and other organizations. This can side step any notion of being salesy and instill a feeling of interest and discovery. By employing consumers to interact with other consumers about a brands’ message, a company can effectively pull itself out of the advertising equation. This achieves the overall goal of viewers sharing your message with other viewers.

Joshua Phillips is the Viral Content Coordinator with Supercool Creative, a digital creative agency specializing in online video creative & production, video seeding and integrated social media marketing campaigns designed to target consumers, build awareness and drive interaction.

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