What’s New In Social Media?

It’s hard to keep up with all of the constantly changing industry of social media. There are so many sources to read and so little time! This article will help sum up all of that information. We’ll discuss Facebook’s new algorithm for Edgerank (social SEO), new Google+ Hangouts, Facebook mobile video ads, Google+’s SnapSeed photo editor, and other popular social media networks around the world that you probably haven’t heard about.


New Changes on Facebook’s Edgerank

What is Facebook Edgerank? Click here to find out

First of all, quantity of posts is not the most important thing. Facebook is now substantially rewarding qualitative posts, now more than ever.

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Facebook has decided to make some serious changes to the way it measures the popularity and engagement of a post. According to We Are Social Media, Facebook’s Edgerank algorithm is now called Newsfeed Algorithm and has been revised.

Facebook Edgerank

The Newsfeed Algorithm concentrates on interactions from fans on the posted content. Time Decay refers to how long the Edge has been alive; the older it is the less valuable it is. Time Decay is the easiest of the variables to understand. Mathematically it is understood as 1/(Time Since Action).

As an Edge ages, it loses value. This helps keep the News Feed fresh with interesting new content, as opposed to lingering old content. But, this has changed. Because the Newsfeed Algorithm concentrates on interactions from fans on the posted content, Time Decay no longer affects content.

“If an older post starts to get fans’ attention with new comments, likes etc, then it will rise again in people’s news feed. In essence, we are talking about a resurrection of the “dead” posts.” ~ We Are Social Media

Facebook’s Newsfeed Algorithm gives credit to your behavior in 4 ways:

  1. How often you respond to a friend or page who posted
  2. How often you interact with a post and how often that posts receives likes, shares, comments (affinity) from you and your friends
  3. How often you have interacted in the past with this type of post
  4. How often you have hidden or reported this kind of post

Updates for Google+ Hangouts

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If you’re hosting the broadcast, you’ll now be able to:

  • Solicit questions from up to a million concurrent viewers
  • Select and answer questions live
  • Timestamp the YouTube recording by marking questions as you answer them

If instead you’re watching the Hangout On Air, you’ll now be able to ask and vote on questions live, as well as replay the Q&A even after the broadcast is over.

Source: Google+

New Dashboard for Google+ Page Managers

As Google Plus Daily first reported, Google+ has launched a new Page manager dashboard with a new look, added functionality and some very basic stats about the Pages you manage.

The old dashboard was spartan and borderline useless. It only displayed the different Pages you managed with a blue “Switch to this page” button for each — the same button you’d see if you skipped the dashboard and went directly to the Page itself

The new dashboard still shows all your Pages and links to “Switch to this page,” but also includes

  • Basic stats like how many followers each page has and when the last post was made
  • The red notifications icon for quick access to Page activity
  • A link to manage the Page Managers
  • Links to the Page settings and profile


Here’s a screenshot from We Are Social Media‘s dashboard:


Easier to Follow Conversations with Twitters Update We Are Social Media

Twitter’s latest update aims to make it easier to discover and follow conversations in your home timeline, as they’re taking place.

Now, tweets that are part of a conversation are shown in chronological order so it’s easier for you to follow along. You’ll see up to three Tweets in sequence in your home timeline; if you want to see more, you can tap a Tweet to see all the replies, including those from people you don’t follow.

Twitter has also made it easier to share these conversations on Twitter.com. With this update, you can share conversations over email — whether your friends are on Twitter or not. On iPhone and Android, you can share individual Tweets over email, and on Android you can share via direct message (DM) as well.

Click HERE to see the VIDEO

Autoplay Video Advertisements on Facebook Mobile We Are Social Media



Facebook announced that the company will be testing auotoplay videos within mobile News Feeds. What does that mean?

“When a mobile user swipes through their News Feed and comes across a video from an individual or a page of a musician or band, it will automatically play. Sound will only turn on after a user taps on the video.” We Are Social Media

It’s interesting to note that these videos cannot be boosted or advertised at all beyond organic. In fact, only videos posted from individuals or “verified pages” (such as celebrities) will play automatically.

“Only videos uploaded directly to Facebook (or Instagram) will play automatically — not YouTube or Vimeo or other platform apps which post to Facebook.” We Are Social Media

Facebook Now Punishes Bad Posts

Tired of scrolling through your Newsfeed and being bombarded by ugly, nonsensical Memes? Well, that might be coming to an end…

“In a nutshell, create posts with a great content that is worth being shared, and Facebook will show it to more users. Create posts with crappy images that shout for attention, and Facebook will punish you. Simple.” We Are Social Media

Badoo comes from Spain. With a “passionate” temperamento focuses mostly on dating and meeting people. It is addressed only to 18 and older and has already established a presence in over 180 countries!







Asia: China

There are two large sociaks in China – Weixin and Weibo.

Weibo addresses a more “general” audience, having a more “Twitter-like” feel with statuses, while Weixin has a “Facebook-like” feel that focuses on smaller groups of relatives and friends, rather than everyone as Facebook does.




USA: California

Bebo is based in California and started in 2005. It has also become popular among international audiences (e.g. Irish) and has more than 40 million users up to now!




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