Why SEO When Adwords is the Real Key to Every Thing

The one thing common in SEO and ADWORDS is to drive the instant web traffic. Now comes the point that how much you have to pay for SEO and how much you need to pay for ADWORDS.

The inside truth is that you can drive website traffic within no time and only for 0.01dollar per click. This is possible only in Adwords. Adwords just need commitment. You would be surprise to know how is it possible that any landing page or website can get traffic at so much cheep rate. But it is a fact, when you get start with adwords you have to search and select the appropriate keywords. These keywords are further refined by the time and as it goes on you observe that some of these keywords are generating clicks and some other are just dead. You have to catch out these converting keywords, the keywords which are generating clicks, and delete for ever the other keywords which are not making any clicks for your add but just drilling in your money.

This takes a little effort and soon you are with winning keyword list, the magical combination. This combination of keywords is generating clicks and improving the click through rate.

Now right here half of the adwords battle we have won. Now we have a brilliant collection of relevant keywords. Next is to be done by these keyword itself in autopilot way. Yeehh..! These keywords would improve the click through rate of your add and adwords discounter would decrease the cost per click at the same time.

The cost per click may start some where 1.5 $ and can go down to even 0.05$ to 0.01$. That is only possible by improving click through rate.

So the click through rate is the most important thing you have to manage it anyway. You have also to make some cosmetic changes to your add copy to be attractive, eye catching and compelling the visitor to click and check out what is at your landing pages.

This way you can get millions of visitors per day at a very very cheep price.

This is some thing which SEO can’t offer you. For SEO you have to spend a very huge ammount and heavy budget.The only thing which ensures you to be on top ten in SEO results is the big pocket cash you have to spend. This is not possible for everyone who is a newbie, novice, and just getting started with his website, blog , or sales letter.

At the other end adwords gives you the flexibility to remain within your daily available budget and as you got succeeding by getting the quality web traffic you can increase the money you spend to a desired limit.

This financial crunch SEO can’t offer you. So you must get instantly the edge of Adwords.This would make you free from the dependency of SEO and the limitations of huge budget.

So take a drive to Google Adwords and feel the live magic yourself. The Adwords account is absolutely free to sign up .All the game moves around the keywords. Either you are interested in online selling, web designing, or any other online service adwords can provide you the once for all solution.Much more cheaper much more effective and easy soulution than SEO.

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