Why should your law firm have a blog?

To learn why law firms should have a blog, watch this video or read a few of the reasons below:


Why have a blog?

  1. Lawyers publish blogs to enhance their reputation, demonstrate professional capacity and grow the firm’s business and their own practices.
  2. Clients, whether consumers, executives or in-house counsel, hire lawyers they perceive as trusted and reliable authorities in their niche. Using blogs, attorneys can establish themselves as authorities. Their blogs amass a body of easily and widely accessed commentary read by clients, and the people who influence clients, such as the media.
  3. Functioning as a practice development tool, a blog amplifies and extends your networking with clients, prospective clients and referral sources.
  4. Akin to traditional by-lined columns and articles for newspapers, journals and trade publications, online blogs differ dramatically from old school print. Blogs are published quicker, more widely read, live longer and receive vetting by a single editor – you.


  • Add content 3 times per week
  • Add new content broken down into categories, driving longtail keyword searching visitors to your website.
  • Once you get over 100 posts it will be considered a real resource worthy of linking to. (Also, you can combine these blogs into an Ebook for giveaways and used to gain additional trust and public relations opportunities
  • Share blog content on twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google plus.
  • When you do a press release for your law firm, make a shorter version of the release as a blog post. Make sure that you write unique content when making a live version of a press release.
  • Selecting experts within your firm to be the authorities, even if the content is ghostwritten for them, you can set up Google Plus AuthorRank.
  • Publish a blog for each area of practice. Unless your firm is exceptionally small and focused, you should publish several blogs simultaneously.

Single Topic Blogs

While your main blog on your website is good for search engine optimization (SEO) and adding to the size of your site, a single topic blog on a separate URL in brand individual attorneys and experts and create additional links search results. Not to mention that each new off-site blog that you create gives your website another powerful backlink. (Create a blog for each area of practice)

Include disclaimer on blog

Be sure to include a disclaimer of some sort to explains that your blog is just commentary/opinion and is not professional legal advise


  • Post opinions and statements about current or past legal cases
  • Think of practical topics (a divorce lawyer can talk about famous celebrity divorce, an employment lawyer writes a blog post about every episode from The Office, etc)
  • Google Alerts – Set up Google Alerts to use for content to write about on the blog


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