Why You Need Reputation Management

What is Reputation Management?

For better or for worse, the Internet is a lot like high school. This is because the things that people say about you can have a big impact on your life. If there are negative reviews of your company’s product or service, potential customers will see them when they search for you. If this happens, they’ll probably go to competitors.

A good reputation can make the difference between merely getting traffic and actually converting it. People who see bad reviews aren’t going to stick around to buy what you’re selling. The good news is that HeyGoTo Marketing & Social Media is here to help. We offer the best in reputation management services.

Taking Care of Your Online Reputation

Unfortunately, you can’t control all the information about your company. There are numerous sites, like RipOffReport.com and PissedConsumer.com, that collect negative
reviews without doing any fact-checking. It’s a simple matter for unscrupulous competitors or disgruntled employees to post bad reviews about your company.

Whatever happens, don’t get involved in an online fight against the person or group posting negative information (tempting though it may be). Yes, the reviews are unfair. Yes, it is frustrating. But engaging them or posting the wrong kinds of rebuttals just means that the bad review will receive more attention.

Instead, get in touch with some reputation management professionals like us. We can show you how to turn these negative marks into something positive. Our team knows all about the critical strategy that makes for an effective response.

Reputation Management: Out with the Bad, In with the Good

Anything that’s put online is basically there forever. Don’t panic! This isn’t as bad as it sounds. Google and other search engines are designed to seek out new and highly-rated content. A big part of reputation management involves posting positive reviews on high-ranking websites and blog posts. As professional content marketers, we know the best way to do this.Reputation Management - Arrows Hit Target.

Because Google always goes for what’s new, the recently posted positive information will get higher priority. This means that, when people search for your company, they’ll see the good stuff!

The bad reviews will still exist, but reputation management will push them so far down the search results that nobody will see them. The vast majority of Internet users never look beyond the first page of Google results.

We’ll also boost your positive reputation, so that people will associate your company with great service and products. We can even teach your staff some simple daily habits that can further improve your reputation.

Preventive Steps

There are some measures you can take to avoid or minimize damage to your online reputation. For instance, you can set up a Google alert connected to the name of your company. This lets you know when people are talking about you. Having this in place means you can take fast action if someone starts posting bad reviews.

Social media can be a great way to connect with clients, but you need to be careful with it. There are many cases of companies and celebrities that suffered social breakdowns due to a badly worded Tweet or Facebook update. Think before you post.

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