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If you’d like to embed video into a webpage you don’t necessarily need to be a technical expert; you simply need to follow several easy steps that will take you very little time. Continue on with this brief “how-to” article and i will describe how simple it is to start playing your video(s).

You see, in order to ‘paste’ a video file onto one of your webpages, you first need to convert the initial video(s) into an web based display format referred to as flv (flash video) – this is web most common standard video display format. This unique format permits you to condense your videos into a suitable file size (so the result isn’t unmanageable when you upload your files to the web server) as it maintains an optimum display quality.

At whatever time you wish to embed video into a webpage, this distinctive format enables you to display your digital movies in ’streaming’ mode; your visitors simply need to click on the play button and they can start watching your movie(s) easily and effortlessly, straightaway, and, at least as considerable, without the necessity of downloading or installing anything on their computer.

Okay, so now you’re familiar with the system, and in all likelihood you’re wondering what’s required to get started, there’s an easy answer to that – you just need a specific (professional) program / utility that will do all this for you. This utility will have to be able to convert your initial file(s) to flv along with an embedded movie player, so all you need to do is send the new video to your webserver, and paste a very small code line into your chosen location on your webpage, and your videos are ready to be watched by anyone!

To sum things up, in order to embed video into a webpage you don’t have to be a technical expert, all that’s necessary is to find an efficient tool that will have you on your way before you know it, it must be capable of compressing your videos to only 10% of the original files if not more, and supply you with an advanced, embedded flv (flash-video) player.

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