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How Reputation Management & Online Reviews Impact Businesses in 2016

Have you found what GOOGLE thinks about you?

I know that you have  been told over and over, that you have to be mindful of what you say, you post, you comment, you associate with on social media, news media, and other online platforms, but you as a user have the liberty and discretion to express your opinions, ideas, thoughts.

How about other individuals, crowds, groups? Everybody is on the same playing field, Let’s talk about Online Reputation Management (ORM).

Digital media is coming into every aspect of our lives as we are more connected more than ever. We witness in the news whether smartphones, portable and household electronic devices will be more available for anybody to unleash any content at ease.

How prepared are you? Are you a public figure? A business organization? Or a brand owner? Or any other professional?

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Important Online Business Reputation Facts in 2016

  1. Losing one star on Yelp can mean as much as losing 10% of your business revenue. (Source)
  2. Failure to take preventive measures will make it harder to recover in the long run.
  3. You may be unaware that your online reputation has been damaged wrongfully.
  4. 4. Your business hasn’t figured out how to turn customer engagement into sales.
  5. Whether you should reply to bad press, comments, or reviews.

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So How Do Business Owners Stay on Top of Their Own Online Reputation Management Matters?

Staying on top of your own online reputation management matters can be very time-consuming—this is one of the biggest reasons why business owners turn to experts for help.

Some of the basic techniques of staying on top of your own reputation management include the following:

Conducting a reputation audit of your business to determine what people have already said about your business online.

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Here are a few that every organization should be mindful of doing in 2016

  • First, find out where your reputation stands. If you think you have reputation issues, take the time to understand what prospective employees actually think.
  • Figure out your employee value proposition. Do you understand what inspires your workforce to do their jobs each day? Knowing this will inform your brand efforts and help engage your prospects. Perhaps your team loves the free-spirited culture or your mentorship opportunities.
  • Speak to your audience (like a human). Once you know what to communicate, make sure you’re sending the right message to the right people.
  • Mobilize your biggest fans. When you’re ready to share, don’t forget your best brand ambassadors: your employees. Arm them with great content — images, stories, videos, tweets, GIFs, articles — encourage them to share, and amplify their efforts.
  • Get executive buy-in. The storytelling must come from the top. The difference between mediocre and great employer branding often is executive involvement. When the C-suite publishes or shares on social, it sets the tone for the entire organization.

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