Website Design and Marketing Go Hand in Hand

Why Website Design is Even More Important than You Think!

Never underestimate the importance of good website design, especially when it comes to Internet marketing. Some people think that marketing is all about handling SEO, putting up ads, and having a social media presence. All of that’s important, but it may not matter if your website isn’t designed to take advantage of it.

Website Design Needs to be Client-Oriented

There are a lot of businesses that fail simply because the website isn’t organized to meet client expectations. The average Internet user has an attention span that can be measured in seconds. If they can’t immediately figure out what’s being sold and how to buy it, the majority will leave and go somewhere else.

That’s why it’s so important for your website design to reflect clients’ interests. If visitors get confused and click on the wrong buttons trying to make a purchase, you’re the one who loses money.

Finding and Solving Problems

Web design conceptTools like Google Analytics make it possible to figure out exactly where visitors to your site are going. If there are any interruptions—people leaving the site, or ending up on the wrong
pages—we can pinpoint exactly where problems start to show up with the web design.

We can also see which parts of a page attract the most attention. A program called Visual Website Optimizer lets us see where people click on any given page. If there are buttons or links that they should be pressing, but aren’t, Visual Website Optimizer will show us.

For example, we once worked with a company that couldn’t figure out why people were visiting its site but weren’t buying its products. It turned out that nobody was clicking on the purchase button. Why? Because the purchase button was a small text link at the very bottom of the page.

We replaced the link with a big call to action button that was in plain sight the minute the page loaded. Once we did this, people started buying from the company in droves. They had a great product and business plan—they just didn’t have good web design.

Web Design Aesthetics

A website’s overall look is also important. These days, websites are changing to become more mobile-friendly. Most people use their smart phones and tablets to browse the Internet, and your site’s web design has to reflect that. A site that looked cutting edge in 2006 now looks old and dated.

Modern web design is much more image-oriented than it was in the past. Big blocks of text don’t appeal to most visitors. Instead, use pictures and videos. Don’t overload the viewer—after all, a website has to have clarity. However, you should still have a site that is bright and memorable.

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